Our Inspiration & Mission

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” - Albert Einstein

Cloud Mentor was set up to provide children space to imagine, experiment, invent, engineer and build. Creativity means thinking of new things, innovation is converting those into reality. At Cloud Mentor, children experience that journey of the seed of a new idea and knowledge turning into a tangible usable thing.

We nurture inventiveness and entrepreneurship in children by using science, technology and engineering as a medium. The Cloud Mentor team is committed to this and we are ever ready to help our budding inventors.

Cloud Mentor today is a pioneer hands-on incubation platform for children - nurturing and building the future inventors, scientists, engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our vision is to be this incubation platform for children world over - connecting the industry to academia and combining the best in both to design better ways of experiential, practical and futuristic learning.

By investing in a Cloud Mentor program, you will give your children the liberty and freedom to unleash their creativity and allow them to discover their inner innovation best. With a model that helps the children learn, innovate, design and create, Cloud Mentor engages children in their own engineering ways and adds to their learning and thinking ability.Cloud Mentor is an invaluable learning experience!


Singapore Trip

Singapore Trip - 2015

Engineer Singapore - Science behind roller coasters, artificial limbs, amphibious vehicles, product design and much much more! Send us an email for more info.

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