Cloud Mentor for Schools

Cloud Mentor has a database of grade-specific, age appropriate activities, sessions and models. Our signature methodology has been experienced and approved by top schools managements in Bangalore. We would be glad to customize the content and schedule suited to your objective and requirements. The popular options working successfully for our existing customers are:


School field trips to the Cloud Mentor Studio:

Spend a day exploring, designing and building at our Engineering and Design Studio for children. Each student participates in ageappropriate hands-on engineering activities. Take-home models for students available.


In-house workshops:

Specialized Industry to School connect within the school. Cloud Mentor Hands-on Workshops on varied themes designed by industry professionals and customized to Curriculum, scheduled as per your timetable.


Cloud Mentor Innovation Lab setup within the school + Teacher training:

Cloud Mentor can design and build a mini STEM Exploratorium with working appliances and models demonstrating real world science and engineering principles in action. We train the teachers on demonstration of these models and on integrating new ideas into classroom teaching.


Cloud Mentor Engineering DIY Kits + Teacher Training:

Cloud Mentor's signature Engineering D-I-Y kits for children is a valuable teaching aid in making abstract concepts more tangible and real world application based by touch, feel and do. Schoolteachers are trained appropriately to integrate these seamlessly with the existing system.


After School/ Learning Enrichment Club

Cloud Mentor Learning Enrichment Club activities provide a great platform to budding engineers, inventors, photographers, designers, chefs and entrepreneurs to hone their skills and showcase their abilities.


Events and Exhibitions:

Cloud Mentor can power up school events and exhibitions by providing an opportunity to every child to build working models and other creations and showcase to an appreciative audience.

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