Sensor Engineering

Engineer devices that are smart and can interact with the surroundings. Work with a variety of sensors and reinvent the future of machines

Fashion engineering

Understand the science of apparel production- measurements, design, fabric, techniques and the industry.

Robotic Engineering

Combine electronics and mechanics in a creative manner to engineer robots that can solve tasks at office, home, society, etc.

Design Engineering

Brochures, Logos, Communication, Fonts, Branding, etc - Understand the design elements, aesthetics, effective communication, technology and tools available today to produce appealing visual communication

Gadgets and Toys

Open up various gadgets, understand their principles and reengineer your own futuristic versions


The Science of Hydraulics and Machines Dump trucks, Cement mixers, Cranes, etc.


The Science of Artificial Intelligence and Robots

Reverse Thrust

The Science of Flight. Engineer a variety of flying objects after understanding the aerodynamics behind all of them

Everyday Engineering

Engineer working appliances from scrap everyday material

Stack Overflow

Mobile and Web application Engineering

Product Engineering and Design

Learn about intricate product engineering and Design using niche tools and visuals

Young Entrepreneur

Engineer solutions and learn about building an end to end business

Junkyard Inventions

Invent and Engineer applications using material from a Car junkyard

Camera Mechanics

The Science and art of Photography

Recycle Engineering

Conserve resources by engineering applications using recycled material

Renewable Energy Engineering

Designing future energy solutions using Solar, Wind, Tidal and Vibration Energy

Marine Engineering

The science of speed boats and cruise liners

Bio Engineering

Integrating the Science of machines and circuits with the human body

Petrol Heads

Automotive Engineering using Engines, Pistons and Gear boxes

Grease Monkey

Machine Engineering using motors, gears, chassis and motion transfer and conversion

Short Circuit

Circuit Engineering using sensors, IC’s, batteries, displays and transistors

Financial Engineering

The Science of money and its operation in the real world

Travel Engineering

The Science of Geography, Social Science and Travel

Kitchen Lab

The Art and Science of Cooking

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